Crime Prevention Event

From the local Met Police: “Hounslow Safer Neighbourhood Teams are working closely with the Hounslow Council Community Safety Team to carry out a crime prevention stall in Hounslow House, 7 Bath Road TW3 on both the 26th & 27th of September 2019 from 1000-1400hrs.  The event, which forms part of the West (London) Area’s Days of Action in regards to crime and community engagement, will take place in the library which is situated on the 1st floor.

Please feel free to attend to pick up some crime prevention literature and to find out information about your local SNT. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.”

If you need to reply regarding this message, use this email address:

Neighbourhood Watch

Bicycle Alert!

In a local variation of the current spate of thefts by moped riders, a youth on a bike snatched a lady’s handbag in Whitton High Street.  Make your bag unsnatchable!

Also current, a white man, estimated in 20s, tried to open the nearside door of a car to steal the handbag lying on the passenger seat; unsuccessfully as the door was locked.
Moral 1 -Never leave valuable possessions on seats or otherwise visible in cars; Moral 2 – keep all car doors locked, even while driving – in this case the driver had briefly pulled in to let an oncoming vehicle pass safely.

Neighbourhood Watch

Current Police message:  “Hounslow is suffering from a rise in burglaries.  We need your help.  Tell us about any suspicious-looking people lurking close to buildings or paying them particular attention; walking slowly looking at houses or fences, or standing outside a property leaving car engines running  –  especially with their faces covered  –  even if in doubt, call 999, you are not wasting our time.” Remember – a primary purpose of Neighbourhood Watch is to be the eyes and ears of the Police.


In our Watch area the ongoing prevalent criminal activity involves motor vehicles (damage or theft of or from) – 12 instances in November – December on the Woodlands Estate alone. Don’t make it easy for them!  Never leave valuable possessions in your vehicle, always lock it, garage it whenever possible.