Membership & renewals

If you live on the Woodlands Estate and aren’t yet a WERFA member, please do consider joining to help preserve our very special treasure! Associate membership is also available.

WERFA is special because we have a private park and sports facilities. These are maintained by volunteer effort and fundraising, not by Hounslow Council.  There is no public right of way over the park but allowing reasonable access has worked for everyone so far.

WERFA was founded in the 1930s by the first residents of Woodland Gardens who united to buy the land to protect it for future generations.

We now all benefit from the facilities, open space and sense of community – perhaps being the nearest thing to a village in the suburbs.  We have representatives in Council-led and other local organisations.

As a member you get our monthly Newsletter, as well as a vote at the AGM on plans for the coming year. Members can also hire the Pavilion with its fantastic facilities including AV system, dance floor, kitchen, and bar by arrangement. There are two committees – one for the serious stuff and one for the Social Club which organises the fun events (all ideas welcome).

All contributions help us to maintain our unique place.  Become a member, enter WERFAGO, come to events, maybe join a working party. Many hands make light work and many friends!

Membership currently costs £8 per year (£15 for a household) and is collected by beat members. We are working on on-line subscriptions – in the meantime, to become a member, or to find out more, please e-mail us.