Woodlands Estate Pavements

Due to blanket silence from Hounslow Highways, despite continual requests for discussion regarding the planned tarmacing of The Woodlands Estate footways, a meeting was held on Thursday 26th May, via Councillor Tom Bruce, in the belief that residents could air their thoughts to Hounslow Highways’ Operations Director Martin Clack and discuss further how the Estates pavements could be better resurfaced.

Unfortunately the meeting was concluded before it started with Mr Clack repeatedly stating “Footways work will commence from next week”.

Resurfacing with tarmac has begun in Woodlands Road and will continue throughout the Estate in the foreseeable future despite a petition to the Mayor of 270 signatures and emails from numerous residents to MPs, Councillors and newspapers outlining their grievances and proposals for alternative solutions. Tarmac footways are coming your way.

Apologies that the meeting was Hounslow Highways way of outlining their footway agenda but thank you to all who supported the request to discuss the matter further; it highlighted what a lovely community WERFA has.