In the Borough

LB Hounslow’s Consultation Hub month includes:

Dockless Bikeshare

What did we think of the one-year Mobike trial? Ends 3rd March.
Proposed Additions to the Local List

Many suggestions on local features that are worth preserving – which to choose? Ends 6th March.

♦  A reminder – The Ward Boundaries review first round is open until 18 March; anyone can submit a map of their proposals.The Local Government Boundary Commission will produce draft recommendations in mid-2019, these recommendations will be open for further public consultation.

♦  Sign up/renew Garden Waste collection service by 1st April.

♦  Hounslow Council is moving – after the recent Civic Centre closure event the Council internet was due to move end Feb and offices will start to move during March to new Hounslow House.