Duke’s River

The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) held a volunteer day on Friday 22 February in the Duke’s River, starting at Octavia Road and ending at the Royal Oak. The primary purpose was to remove the invasive floating pennywort, but they also removed a lot of rubbish. They were delighted to see our resident kingfisher. They have promised to tip us off when they are next holding a volunteer day in the Woodlands and will welcome any volunteers from the estate who wish to join them. They provide waders and all necessary equipment. Details of local activities can be found on their website: www.tcv.org.uk/london/richmond.

Unfortunately, they always work on weekdays, so many people are working and unable to join them. It’s unlikely we’ll get enough notice to advertise an event in WERFA News. So, if anyone is interested in joining TCV’s activities, their best bet is to keep checking the website.