Fly tipping

Sadly there’s been at least one recent street incident in Woodland Gardens (as well as the frequent bin problem on Riverside Walk). Any black bags we see outside bins have been placed illegally.

Hounslow Council is very keen to catch illegal dumpers so urge us to report incidents as soon as we see them and provide photos of the rubbish and any other clues. It gives them/Hounslow Highways a chance to catch the criminals who do this. They may find clues in the bags – and the quicker the better.  In hot weather it takes only hours for dumped food and worse to rot and attract flies and less time for foxes to find and spread it.  Report it online: also

A Hounslow Highways spokesperson said:

“I can confirm that even fly tip enquiries reported at a weekend are treated the same as at other times We endeavour to get them cleared within 24 hours from the time of report.”