Jazz Night at The WERFA Pavilion – a review by Les McCallum

The band were on good form for the jazz night in the pavilion, maybe that’s because they love coming to play for such an appreciative audience.

Andy Williams who has taken over from Spike Heatley as band organiser said:

“We always look forward to playing at WERFA, such a great friendly crowd and of course, we love Kate’s cottage pie”

Several people asked me if they could play a little more guitar music, which they did.

Being cheeky I asked if they ever played Close your eyes? This was the first Jazz record that I ever heard, it was by Coleman Hawkins and Milt Jackson on an L.P from 1960 called Bean bags.

To my surprise and delight they played it on the night, not in their usual repertoire but they said ‘they do like to take on a challenge and this was the first time they had ever played it.’

Quite a few of our regular audience were away on holiday that day, which meant we were slightly down on numbers but we set the chairs and  tables out in Cafe style with table cloths and candles and it made for a very comfortable and enjoyable evening .

At the end of the evening WERFA members said it was a great night and that they couldn’t wait for a return visit.