Neighbourhood watch article – an apology

To all who receive the WERFA Newsletter I wanted to personally apologise for any distress the Neighbourhood watch article on fly tipping in the April newsletter may have caused.

When putting together the newsletter, we have to take the reports that are submitted to us on good faith. We have looked into the neighbourhood watch report that was submitted from the Whitton Neighbourhood watch team. It is made clear in the report that the flytipper was spoken to though it is not made clear how their area of origin was identified.

The Committee and I would never wish to offend anyone in our community and if I had caught this, I would have removed it.

I will ensure that I read the reports more closely in future to try and ensure that this does not happen again, however, I am only human, and volunteer for this position (as do all of the other committee members) doing the work in my spare time.

Best wishes