Woodlands Estate Air raid shelters

A resident in Isleworth has recently unearthed a concrete WW2 air raid shelter in his garden, after a considerable amount of hard work he has now emptied it of 70 years of earth.

We are thinking of dressing it with period props and fitting some bunk beds as it would have been during the war.

We would also like to make a short film and send it to the imperial war Museum as they have shown an interest in using it for educational purposes.

If any residents have any memories of sleeping in any of the various types of shelter we would love to hear from you.

With your permission we would like to include them in the WERFA newsletter, email Les McCallum at les@lesmccallum.com.

P.S. We have most of the  period props but we are looking for a stirrup pump, a hurricane lamp ,kettle and Primus stove and  perhaps some old grey blankets.