Father Christmas

Father Christmas will be delivering on the Woodlands Estate as usual on Christmas Eve. As usual we are asking parents to provide a small present themselves and there will also be a small charge of £2 per present delivered to help Father Christmas maintain his sleigh. The presents should be wrapped and clearly marked with the child’s name and address, and delivered to 69 Woodland Gardens with the fee by 23rd December.

Pauline Hooper

We were sad to hear of the death of Pauline Hooper in October after a long illness. Pauline is survived by husband Patrick. Long time Woodlands residents, they established a reputation as enthusiastic and skilled country dance partners.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

It’s that time of the year where burglars are out and about; so please secure your property before leaving home. Recent burglaries are reported (two in Whitton Dene) where the rear window/patio door was smashed.

OWL provides the public with the latest local crime alerts sent by email, telephone or SMS. To sign up see: https://www.owl.co.uk/met/

For reporting a crime which has already occurred, an alternative to phoning 101 (which can entail a long wait) is to report it on-line to: https://www.met.police.uk/ro/report/ocr/how-to-report-a-crime/
To report crime in progress or suspected to be happening or about to happen, of course it’s a 999 call.

In the Borough – Consultation season has started

♦ The Ward Boundaries review consultation starts in January; anyone can submit a map of their proposals

♦ Consultation also starts in January on possible ways Heathrow can organise the flight paths of aircraft in future -with two or three runways. In either case there will be more planes and we are likely to lose some hours of respite.

♦ Plans for change of use of The George pub in South Street to a religious centre will be on display on 4 December 6.30 to 8.30pm at Isleworth Public Hall

♦Other consultations can be found at https://haveyoursay.hounslow.gov.uk/ including
Vehicle anti-idling action -closes 7/12/18
Transport Strategy local implementation plan – closes 2/1/19

♦TfL proposes changes to bus routes including H37 where changes benefit Richmond and Twickenham but reduce frequency in Isleworth. https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/buses/bus-changes-richmond/ Closes 11/12/18

Watching Nature

Autumn colours have been particularly good late into the autumn after mild weather in October. So now we are going to have an extra cold winter? No doubt the seasons are less predictable. In a hard winter we may get a chance to see unusual birds migrating south from the more extreme cold in the north and looking for berries and other food in our hedgerows and gardens.. Meanwhile there are still regular sightings of a kingfisher on the Duke’s River. Our other resident birds need water for drinking and bathing, something we can help with when ice sets in.

In the Garden

To keep winter pansies looking good, keep an eye out for Downy Mildew and leaf spots – dead head regularly and remove diseased leaves straight away.

Entice birds into your garden with fat balls. They will seek out and eat up over-wintering insects for you too.

Parking Puzzle

New local CPZs will add to pressure for space to park in our area. A reminder that it is an offence to park on the footway or grass verge. Also to cross a kerb to park in a front garden unless a crossover (dropped kerb + drive) has been installed by the Council.

WERFA Bake Off

I was so pleased to see so many residents at our Bake Off and tea afternoon on Sun 30th Sep. There was a really fun atmosphere and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves;  seeing  the entrants’ efforts [congratulations to all the winners] and sampling the tea and cakes on offer. It was also good to see so many of our younger residents taking part. I would like to thank all those who helped on the day, and in particular Barbara Hecht for organising the event, and all the preparation beforehand. I hope we will do something similar next year as part of our planned Summer Fair. Chris Hack, Chairman

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

Current scams include emails falsely purporting to be from British Gas and Amazon (alleging their requirement for confidential information), and telephone calls “from your internet service provider” threatening cut-off of internet service unless you follow their instructions. Because there are so many of these scams being tried now, it may seem hardly worth the trouble of reporting them, but be alert to the risks and you can still contact Action Fraud, 0300 123 2040.

Isleworth Voluntary Care Network needs your help

Please can you join other local volunteers to help local people by:

  • Giving occasional lifts to medical appointments at GP surgeries and local hospitals (mileage allowance given).
  • Befriending the housebound
  • Help also needed for daytime social events organised by our

It’s sociable and rewarding. If you may be able to help, please ring our office at St John’s Community Centre on 020 8569 8254 and leave your contact details. Thank you

Hounslow Residents’ Associations Forum

The forum is open to all borough Residents’ associations and community groups- WERFA is represented. It provides an opportunity to hear direct from senior council officers and councillors about their responsibilities and plans. Attendees  can raise questions, offer criticisms and suggest actions.  It meets about every two months at the Civic Centre and is on Thursday mornings when the Chair, Cllr Katherine Dunne can fit it in her schedule. Cllr Dunne is Hounslow Council Cabinet member for Communities and Workforce which includes Voluntary Sector and Citizen Engagement. Recent meetings have featured strategies on Waste & Recycling, Customer Experience (and website), Thriving Communities and Engagement, and Policy & Scrutiny.  Next time, 10.00am 29 November, the major topic will be Planning. For more info contact werfa@hotmail.co.uk.