Parking awareness in Woodland Gardens

We would like to ask residents parking on the estate to please try and consider access for Emergency Vehicles before parking their cars.

During a recent emergency call on the estate 2 fire engines has significant issues trying to get to the fire as they had significant issues turning on to Woodland Gardens from riverside Walk.

Please try to think about how an ambulance or fire engine may need to get onto the estate to help someone, before parking your car somewhere that could hinder that, and help save lives.

Helping the Isleworth Safer Neighbourhoods Team

The Isleworth Safer Neighbourhoods Team will be working with Community Speed Watch in the near future.

Community Speed Watch (CSW) is a national initiative where active members of local communities join with the support of the Police to monitor speeds of vehicles using speed detection devices.

If you would like to volunteer please send an email to the team at: and they will provide further details.

Want to know more about community speed watch, check out the website:

Father Christmas

father-christmasFather Christmas will be delivering on the Woodlands Estate as usual on Christmas Eve. As usual we are asking parents to provide a Small present themselves and there will also be a small charge of £2 per present delivered to help Father Christmas maintain his sleigh. The presents should be wrapped and clearly marked with the child’s name and address, and delivered with the fee by 23rd December.   Contact Shelagh for more details at 

Fly tipping on the WERFA Estate

We have had a recent issue with fly tipping on the estate, with a large amount of rubbish dumped around the Pavilion car park.

If you see anyone fly tipping record as much detail as possible and report the activity immediately to the local council. All information is valuable to the council and will be treated confidentially.

If you can also take photos please do so.

Important details to record are:

  • The date and time that you saw the fly tippers in action or discovered the rubbish
  • The location of the incident – either the address or local landmarks
  • A description of the rubbish eg builders rubble
  • The amount of people you saw and if you recognised any of them
  • A description of the people you saw (eg sex, hair colour, height, distinguishing features)
  • What you actually saw the people do
  • If there was a vehicle involved, and if there was, there any distinguishing features or signs on the vehicle and what was the make, model, colour and registration number
  • Where you were when you saw the fly tipping. What kind of view did you have? How far away were you, and what were the weather and light conditions line?

The Environment Agency has the statutory responsibility to investigate fly tipping incidences on  larger scale  where the waste may pose a serious risk to the environment and where the activity is linked to organised crime.

Remember, do not approach any individuals and do not put yourself in any danger.

If you see anyone fly tipping please go online to Hounslow Highways ( or call them on 020 8583 2000 to report it.

WERFA street briefings

Safer neighbourhoods logo

The Hounslow South Safer Neighbourhood Team are holding a street briefing on

Tuesday 2nd August 1700-1800


Sunday 7th August 1300-1400

An officer from your local team will be at RIVERSIDE WALK Junction with Sussex Avenue on Tuesday and the RIVERSIDE WALK junction with WOODLAND GARDENS on Sunday

Please feel free to come along to meet the team, and ask any questions you may have. Hounslow South Safer Neighbourhood Team: 02082476167


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Woodlands Estate Pavements

Due to blanket silence from Hounslow Highways, despite continual requests for discussion regarding the planned tarmacing of The Woodlands Estate footways, a meeting was held on Thursday 26th May, via Councillor Tom Bruce, in the belief that residents could air their thoughts to Hounslow Highways’ Operations Director Martin Clack and discuss further how the Estates pavements could be better resurfaced.

Unfortunately the meeting was concluded before it started with Mr Clack repeatedly stating “Footways work will commence from next week”.

Resurfacing with tarmac has begun in Woodlands Road and will continue throughout the Estate in the foreseeable future despite a petition to the Mayor of 270 signatures and emails from numerous residents to MPs, Councillors and newspapers outlining their grievances and proposals for alternative solutions. Tarmac footways are coming your way.

Apologies that the meeting was Hounslow Highways way of outlining their footway agenda but thank you to all who supported the request to discuss the matter further; it highlighted what a lovely community WERFA has.