Upcoming Events

Father’s Day 17 June

To make this a great event Dhipa would like some help

Please contact Dhipa Lee who will be coordinating with WERFA in the running of the event or les@lesmccallum.com (07510 632 109).

Evening of Guitars

Coming soon- a special evening with

Andy Williams who has played at our

successful WERFA  jazz nights.




Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

Thieves are using more sophisticated methods to steal vehicles with electronic keys. They can use a gadget to scan for your key and create a blank they can use to steal the vehicle

When not in use keep your key in a security pouch to stop it being scanned. Thieves often burgle houses to steal car keys. Store yours out of sight and avoid obvious places such as hallways and kitchens. Maybe consider fitting a tracking device to the vehicle.

Duke’s River

Kingcups are go! The river improvements have shown some early results. The new river shelf  (mainly Riverside Walk side) was pre-planted with river–edge plants and we have seen some beautiful yellow Kingcups (Marsh Marigolds).

What’s happening in your garden?

Everything is growing like mad, including the weeds! A bit of time spent weeding now is well worth it. Hoe off annual weeds before they set seed and leave them on the ground or put them in the compost bin.

It is safe to plant out summer bedding, too, at last – but though it’s been warm watch out for late frosts.

Barn Dance

A group of regular supporters from Spring Grove Residents’ Association joined WERFA at the recent square dancing evening.

To lively authentic Appalachian music from Enoch’s Gold Hill Trappers and encouraged by the excellent caller, groups eagerly joined together for some enthusiastic dancing which was great energetic fun.
The tasty chilli beef supper added to the theme of the evening.
Another enjoyable evening at Woodlands – our thanks to all involved from friends at SGRA.

Snatching the Fleeting by Bruce Pearson -reviewed

Bruce has done it again; kept the whole room captivated and transfixed as he took us with him back to Antarctica to see once more the minke whales and penguins and to Norfolk to glimpse a hen harrier. He stressed time and again that art is an abstraction. It’s not about reproducing a photographic-style image, it’s rather about capturing the soul of the beast, letting the brush strokes reflect the movement of nature as though the brushes themselves are a physical part of what you are painting.

His demonstrations exemplified his words, bold brush strokes recreating forms deeply ingrained in his mind’s eye, the shape and angle of fin or wing, with a looser pastiche of background to provide the setting. As his pictures took shape so his words tailed off, words morphing seamlessly into the unfolding landscape. It was enthralling to watch Bruce at work and see the scene take shape before one’s eyes; he truly did make something more permanent from the fleeting.

In the Borough

Monday Jazz Night moves from the Red Lion to  the Milford Arms – starts May 7th

Mogden Open Day – Was well worth a visit. As well as constantly working on greater efficiency, including odour management, Thames Water generates its own energy from the waste process. It also employs a conservation officer to look at ways of helping wildlife on site.

Isleworth Film Festival has had a small grant allocated from the council’s levy on developers,  thanks to a bid by Cllr Tony Louki (Osterley and Spring Grove). It is intended for an event this year. More news on this in future.

Social Club: EVENTS for 2018

BRUCE PEARSON     Friday 6th April

An informal talk and painting demonstration from the great wildlife artist

Not to be missed.  Bruce has just returned from the Antarctic –as always, this will be a fascinating and memorable evening. Tickets £8 including light  refreshments. les@lesmccallum.com or phone/text 07510 632 109

Zoe Cano  Wed 25th April 7.30pm

Often described as a female Bill Bryson, Zoe will present a fascinating insight into the joy of travel. Amongst other incredible adventures, she toured across the USA in 2012 as a solo motorcyclist riding a Triumph Bonneville and has just returned from a trip around New Zealand.  Opting for the quieter back roads, Zoe uncovers parts of the world we rarely hear about.  Zoe is the author of 3 books ‘Bonneville Go or Bust’, ‘Southern Escapades, and ‘Chilli, Skulls & Tequila’

Tickets £8 include a free glass of wine/beer. Book with Les.

Closure of WERFA park entrances

The annual closure of the WERFA park entrances will be on Good Friday 30th March. We do this once a year to signify the park is private property and is not a public right of way. The tape barriers can easily be slipped off at one end and returned after passing through.

WERFA Annual General Meeting

The AGM of the Association will be held on Wednesday 18th April at 7.30pm in the Pavilion. Any items for discussion should be put in writing and given to the Hon Secretary, 69 Woodland Gdns by April 5th. The Social Club AGM will take place afterwards. This year we will welcome members with a glass of wine or soft drink and a snack.

About  WERFA

If you are seeing WERFA News for the first time it’s because you are in the WERFA membership area but haven’t yet joined.

As a member you can see info about events in the park and the Pavilion in this and future newsletters

WERFA is special because we have a private park and sports facilities. These are maintained by volunteer effort and fundraising, not by Hounslow Council.  There is no public right of way over the park but allowing reasonable access has worked for everyone so far.

WERFA was founded in the 1930s by the first residents of Woodland Gardens who united to buy the land to protect it for future generations.

We now all benefit from the facilities, open space and sense of community – perhaps being the nearest thing to a village in the suburbs.  We have representatives in Council-led and other local organisations.

As a member you get a vote at the AGM on plans for the coming year. There are two committees – one for the serious stuff and one for the Social Club which organises the fun events (all ideas welcome).

All contributions help us to maintain our unique place.  Be a member, enter WERFAGO, come to events, maybe join a working party. Many hands make light work and many friends!