The WERFA September Bake & Make Off

Your WERFA committee would like you to join us in the Pavilion in taking part in our baking and making competitions –

– Can you create a cake, bake a cheese scone or be creative in other ways that will surprise your neighbours and … of course our local judges? Some categories will be on a Woodlands theme – so be prepared to field a Black Forest Gateau!

Please put 30th September 2018 at 2.30 -4.30 pm in your diary.

We’ll be serving tea, coffee and cakes and there will be stickers and prizes for the best in each category. Come in on Sunday morning between 11.30 and 13.00 with your entries. 50p for each entry (20p for children).

So we have an idea of numbers, if you’re thinking of entering or have a child who wants to join in, could you message Barbara on 07930 328091 or fill in the Contact form on the WERFA website.

Also let us know if you would like to set up a stall (eg activities, fund-raising etc).

Full details and recipe for the cheese scones in the next newsletter.

In your Garden

If you have experienced Rhododendron, Azalea and Camellia buds falling off before they open in spring it is most likely down to lack of water now. Give them a good soak (with rain water if possible) once a week for 6-8 weeks from towards the end of August.

Sow spinach seeds now for harvesting from late autumn into spring.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

Who’s at the door?

Please beware of these current suspected bogus callers: Two foreign-accented strangers seeking information about who lives where; also two people seeking to get £20 notes changed – their notes are believed to be counterfeit.

Review of Andy Williams

Having no knowledge about guitars or guitar playing I did not know what to expect at WERFA on Saturday – what an interesting evening it was!

Andy turned out to be an excellent musician and raconteur. (NB no surprise to those who have seen and heard him play jazz.) We followed his journey from his first guitar through to his many professional experiences, from youthful prog rock bands to the world of ocean cruise work to playing for star singers and cool jazz. All of which were interspersed with visual presentations. We even had a quiz interlude identifying the artist and song from the guitar riffs he played for us. The tremendous guitar playing by Andy, his recollections and  knowledge of guitars and guitarists made for a very different and enjoyable evening.                                                  Wilma Greig

Watching Nature -The Collared Dove

You may have heard the constant monotonous cooing of a dove calling from the roof tops on the estate recently.

Smaller than the rather plump wood pigeon it has a longer tail and pinkish brown plumage instead  of grey plus a distinctive black half-collar.

This is the bird that caused quite a stir when it arrived in this country in  Lincolnshire,1952. In 1955 the Collared dove bred for the first time with the nest having to be guarded to deter egg collectors.

Birdwatchers flocked to see this rare bird that had spread across all of Europe from its native Southern Asia and settled in Norfolk.

In just 20 years this rather pretty little dove had colonised every county in the U.K.

Making a rather flimsy nest of twigs and laying just 2 white eggs the female will incubate through the night with the male taking over during the day. In fact the nest is so flimsy that the squabs have been known to fall through them.

One reason for its rapid spread is the absence of competition and the ability to breed all year round if the weather in winter is mild.


Fly tipping

Sadly there’s been at least one recent street incident in Woodland Gardens (as well as the frequent bin problem on Riverside Walk). Any black bags we see outside bins have been placed illegally.

Hounslow Council is very keen to catch illegal dumpers so urge us to report incidents as soon as we see them and provide photos of the rubbish and any other clues. It gives them/Hounslow Highways a chance to catch the criminals who do this. They may find clues in the bags – and the quicker the better.  In hot weather it takes only hours for dumped food and worse to rot and attract flies and less time for foxes to find and spread it.  Report it online: also

A Hounslow Highways spokesperson said:

“I can confirm that even fly tip enquiries reported at a weekend are treated the same as at other times We endeavour to get them cleared within 24 hours from the time of report.”

WERFA Newsletter emails

Due to the implementation of GDPR and the various complexities and requirements associated with it, we have decided, for the foreseeable future, to stop sending out the newsletter.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Social Club: EVENTS for 2018

Saturday 7 July at  8pm,  Andy Williams – Guitarist

Andy is an accomplished guitar   player who has performed at several  major venues including the Festival Hall. He has also performed at previous WERFA Jazz events and been noted for his relaxed, informal but superb performances.

This time, Andy will treat us to a variety of different music genres using different types of guitar, with a few good intros and stories thrown in.

This promises to be a great evening’s entertainment with something for everyone.

Starts 8pm ► Bar open ►    Tickets £15 (light meal included)

Contact Les on or ring/text 07510 632109

Mean Mary, 25 August

Bluegrass, Blues and Folk from a star musician all the way from Nashville.

More details to follow.

Early booking strongly recommended

Contact Les:   07510 632 109

Stephen Moss

BBC naturalist, author and birder will be returning to WERFA later this year – Date tba

Bake On – and more!

A family Baking Competition with Afternoon Tea in the Pavilion will take place later in the summer/autumn. Look out for the competition date and recipes in future newsletters!

(provisional date Sunday 30 September).  With perhaps a revival of some other traditional ‘Flower Show’ activities.

We have had too much on for a big event in the Park this year but hope, with enough helpers, to hold an outdoor summer event next year.

In the Garden

Enjoy warm summer evenings in the garden therapeutically absorbed in dead-heading.

Cutting annuals and perennials back to a leaf or bud will give you another flush of flowers.

You will be able to keep some of them flowering until the first frosts. Maybe leave some with attractive seedheads for extra interest, or for seed collection.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

Bicycle Alert!

In a local variation of the current spate of thefts by moped riders, a youth on a bike snatched a lady’s handbag in Whitton High Street.  Make your bag unsnatchable!

Also current, a white man, estimated in 20s, tried to open the nearside door of a car to steal the handbag lying on the passenger seat; unsuccessfully as the door was locked.
Moral 1 -Never leave valuable possessions on seats or otherwise visible in cars; Moral 2 – keep all car doors locked, even while driving – in this case the driver had briefly pulled in to let an oncoming vehicle pass safely.

WERFA Data Protection Policy

WERFA will hold the names and addresses of all members of the Residents Association and the amount paid to be a member.  Members must accept that this information will be held in order to become a member.

This data will be only be used to confirm membership of the Association, to record participation in the WERFAGO lottery, and claim GiftAid, where this has been authorised by individual members.  It will not be passed to any other third party without the expressed consent of the individual concerned.
This policy will be published annually in our Newsletter prior to membership renewal.

Review of Paddington 2

We had a fantastic turn out for our latest Family Film screening of Paddington 2 on Sunday 27th May with one mum giving us a glowing review:

“On a beautifully sunny bank holiday Sunday, my family and I headed to WERFA, which was once again host to the Children’s Cinema, this time showing Paddington 2. Having enjoyed the first Paddington film, also at WERFA, this film certainly did not disappoint, with a great storyline and a fantastic cast. The cinema was busier than ever, and the Paddington inspired ice cream and ‘marmalade’ sandwiches proved very popular with children and adults alike! Once again, it felt like a real privilege to be part of such a lovely family event. We cannot wait for the next one!”

We are currently planning our next family film event for October. If you would like to be kept up-to-date, please join our mailing list by sending us your email address to or look out for updates on our facebook page:

Watching Nature -The UK Goldfinch

You may have noticed that the once common Greenfinch has all but disappeared from our gardens; this is due to a virus that has seen this bird’s population plummet by 60% in the last 10 years.

The species that has taken its place is the Goldfinch, a beautiful bird that can easily be attracted to your garden by providing food called Niger seed [Nyjer]. You will need a special feeder, costing around £3, as the seeds are so small.

In fact this is good news as no other bird can extract the seed from the tiny opening. You will have no problem with the local squirrel eating the seeds either. I would be most surprised if you didn’t have these lovely birds in your garden after one week. In the wild, thistles, teasels and dandelions are a favourite food along with sunflower hearts.

  • Goldfinches were a symbol of fertility and resurrection and can be seen in many medieval paintings of the Madonna and child.
  • A popular cage bird in Victorian times, they were almost brought to extinction by trapping but are now quite common across the UK due to the work of the RSPB.

As I sit in the garden reading, a goldfinch has settled on a branch not 3 feet above me. A most stunning bird with its bright red face and gold patches on the wings; within seconds it has flown down and is now bathing in my small pond. What a great sight!

The collective name for Goldfinches is a ‘charm’ which, the dictionary says, is to excite love and admiration. Who could argue with that?       Les